The co-founders of the The Venders are Bryan Ross and Bob Bienias, who each have over 10 years experience developing Automated Retailing Solutions and are considered pioneers in the industry for their work in customizing systems for brands and helping companies launch into self-service product distribution. They are equally noted for being among the first to incorporate innovative technologies into their platforms, such as computer technology, server-based management systems, credit card readers, interactive touchscreen interfaces, audio and video, and more.

The partners also developed a digital signage software platform for C-Stores, which was eventually integrated into vending machines and kiosks.

They also are the team behind Flix on Stix - a remarkable software platform for distributing movies from a kiosk on to a flash drive.

They have assembled a team of the top professionals in the industry, including a winner of the Vending MarketWatch

"Pro to Know" Award, plus noted designers, engineers, and builders.

Unlike so many others, the partners decided to build their products in America. They are one of the only companies in the vending industry that can say that their product line includes systems designed, developed and manufactured in the USA.